Cooper’s Crossing has been recognized as the top community in one of Canada’s most popular towns. Award-winning builders give you a wider variety of home options, from estate to townhome.  Forty-four acres of green space weave through the neighbourhood providing a safe place for kids to play and grow. The community is home to two existing schools and another on the way.

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<img src=''><p>Waterscape by Vesta<br><span>Click to enlarge</span></p> <img src=''><p>Willow Pond<br><span>Click to enlarge</span></p> <img src=''><p>Children's Playground<br><span>Click to enlarge</span></p> <img src=''><p>Central Pond Boardwalk<br><span>Click to enlarge</span></p> <img src=''><p>Linear Parks<br><span>Click to enlarge</span></p> <img src=''><p>Future School<br><span>Click to enlarge</span></p> <img src=''><p>Future Children's Playground<br><span>Click to enlarge</span></p> <img src=''><p>Future High School<br><span>Click to enlarge</span></p> <img src=''><p>Future Retail Area<br><span>Click to enlarge</span></p>