The benefits of upgrading

1. Upgrades are a way of increasing the resale value of your home. Invariably, the additional value is greater than the sum of the upgrades – and when you do it at the outset, it’s far more cost-effective than if you took on the task piecemeal.

Here’s what Vesta’s Alberta Sales Manager, A.J van der Linden had to say about upgrades:

“When you buy a Vesta home, you’ re buying in a master planned community and if you decide to sell later on, it is important to differentiate your home from the one down the street.” AJ adds that “builders get significant quantity discounts on materials in their communities and these savings are passed down to buyers.”

2. Upgrades are an inexpensive way to improve your quality of living. A simple upgrade to a granite countertop turns your kitchen island into a furniture piece. Similarly, a range upgrade from electric to gas turns your kitchen it’s a chef’s kitchen.

3. Personalize the home of your dreams. This is your investment and it should reflect your tastes and needs.

So, what exactly are upgrades? The choice is yours and the options are many, but two of the most popular upgrades are countertops and flooring. Let’s look at both.


Laminate Countertops: your go-to value option, widely used in homes. These countertops consist of a wooden base and a durable laminate surface. Granite Countertops: traditional and sophisticated. Granite requires a little more upkeep than other choices, but its chip and scratch resistant and has a wonderful luminous quality. Quartz Countertops: practical, low maintenance and ideal for busy families. The quartz material is actually man-made using ground quartz mixed with resins, polymers, and colourings. The result is a very hard, granite-like surface that can have a flecked, smooth or even veined look.


Laminate Flooring: the value option. Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic product that resembles hardwood. It comes in hundreds of designer colours and finishes, is highly durable and requires less maintenance than hardwood does. Hardwood Flooring: high end and sophisticated. Hardwood is just that, solid wood strips milled from maple, oak, ash or birch. Although hardwood is considered the “classy” flooring of choice, it does require extra attention to ensure protection.  Engineered Hardwood Flooring combines a hardwood surface with multiple layers of plywood or fibreboard underneath. It’s high end, yet remarkably strong and highly resistant to moisture. Engineered hardwood can either be more or less expensive than traditional hardwood based on the species of wood and density.

Countertops and flooring are just the beginning when it comes to upgrades. Other upgrades to consider include heated floors, basements with higher ceilings, enhanced appliances, larger cabinets and various other aesthetic options such as tiling, moulding, window casings, valance lighting and cabinet stains.

For more about upgrades and creating the home of your dreams, contact the Sales Team at Vesta today!

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